Cadence Acquires AWR

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RWW 2020
San Antonio, TX
Jan 27, 2020 to Jan 28, 2020
DesignCon 2020
Santa Clara, CA
Jan 29, 2020 to Jan 30, 2020
4th Australian Microwave Symposium
Sydney, Australia
Feb 13, 2020 to Feb 14, 2020

Customer stories

We chose NI AWR software because of its powerful load-pull analysis capabilities. In addition, it was beneficial to use the harmonic balance engine at the beginning of the design to obtain the output power and PAE information for the transistor impedance at the load port.
Dogancan Eser
Electromagnetic Design Engineer
Meteksan Defence
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NI AWR software is the only design platform that offers not only a complete suite of tools for efficient and accurate antenna design and simulation, but also an antenna synthesis tool, which shortened our design time significantly.
Henry Lau
Lexiwave Technology
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NI AWR software combines simplicity with the ability to deliver highly-complex solutions in less time compared to conventional development approaches.
Johannes Steigert
RF Electrical Engineer
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Cadence Acquires AWR

AWR software helps design engineers to dramatically reduce development time and cost for components, circuits, systems and subsystems employed in wireless, high-speed wired, broadband, aerospace and defense, and electro-optical applications.