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Best of ADF 2019...On Demand

For those who missed the live 2019 AWR Design Forum (ADF) tour and/or want to learn more about Cadence® AWR Design Environment® software, a video collection of the best presentations from customers, partners, and academia is now available for on-demand viewing.

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The collection is organized into five tracks addressing various aspects of circuit and communications/radar system design, and highlights presentations from key industry experts Dr. Steve Cripps, Cardiff University, Dr. Zoya Popovic, University of Colorado, Dan Swanson, DGS Associates, and Dr. Dominic FitzPatrick, Ametek-CTS, as well as prominent companies such as Wolfspeed, Arralis, UMS, AMCAD, OMMIC, and Focus Microwaves.


Track 1: Keynote and Industry Insights 

  • Active and Passive Matching in RF Power Amplifiers (PAs) – Dr. Steve Cripps, Cardiff University
  • RF/Microwave Design in Teaching – Dr. Zoya Popovic, University of Colorado
  • An Enhanced Design Flow for Cavity Combline Filters – Dan Swanson, DGS Associates
  • Addressing Instability in Wide Bandwidth HPAs – Dr. Dominic FitzPatrick, Ametek-CTS

Track 2: Semiconductor Technology and Modeling 

  • Wolfspeed RF Device Modeling
  • UMS Gallium Nitride-on-Silicon Carbide (GaN-on-SiC)
  • OMMIC 5G High-Power and Low-Noise Applications
  • AMCAD Coupled Effect Between Antenna Arrays and Front Ends

Track 3: PA and Front-End Design 

  • Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) PA Design
  • Focus Microwaves High-Efficiency PAs
  • Arralis HPA Design for Satellite Communications
  • Doherty PA Design

Track 4: EM Analysis and Design Optimization  

  • Best Practices for Electromagnetic (EM) Simulation
  • Tips and Tricks for Silicon RFIC Designs
  • 5G Narrowband 28GHz Bandpass Filter Design

Track 5: Communication/Radar System Simulation 

  • 5G Phased-Array Antenna Simulation
  • RF Link Budget Analysis 
  • Phase Noise Modeling

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