5G Library

Add-on module providing waveforms, virtual test benches, and a phased-array generator wizard for component development
5G Library

5G Communications Library

The 5G modulation waveforms library, inclusive of coding/modulation libraries, test benches, and the phased-array antenna generation wizard, works seamlessly with Visual System Simulator™ (VSS) software to accelerate the development of 5G communications systems and related hardware.

The library provides access to 5G candidate signals implemented as parameterized blocks with source subcircuits that have adjustable parameters such as carrier frequency, subcarrier spacing, number of subcarriers, filtering, and subcarrier mapping.

Features at a Glance

  • Waveforms (CP-OFDM) – Map to UL/DL physical channels, cognitive-radar communication (CRC), code blocks, channel coding, and rate matching
  • Test Benches – Leverage adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR), error vector magnitude (EVM), spectral, and many other types of common measurements 
  • NB-IoT – Simulate standalone, in-guard and in-band operation modes, and co-existence analysis of narrowband internet of things (NB-IoT) and LTE systems
  • Phased-Array Generator Wizard – Develop 2D antenna arrays and feed networks for analysis in VSS and Microwave Office software, as well as EM co-simulation of generated-array structures


System Design

The choice of a radio waveform is the core physical layer decision for any wireless access technology. The 5G library supports the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP)-adopted orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) with a cyclic-prefix (CP) for both DL and UL transmissions, providing system designers with a 3GPP standards-compliant interface featuring modulation and coding details for an RF waveform, as well as the accuracy needed for radio circuit-level evaluations. Like all of the communications standards incorporated within VSS, the 5G library provides specification of channel coding and multiplexing, and as well as mapping to physical channels for 5G NR.


Pre-configured test benches supporting the latest 5G signals and frameworks proposed by various industry groups allow designers to simulate and optimize the performance of RF front-end components such as power amplifiers (PAs) based on peak-to-average ratio (PAR), ACLR, EVM, or any number of critical amplifier performance metrics. 

Phased Arrays

The 5G library works with the AWR Design Environment platform to provide a framework supporting all phases of phased-array design configuration, analysis, and optimization. Antenna radiation data from simulation or measured data can be imported into the phased-array generator wizard, enabling designers to use the same antenna response as they optimize the array configuration and develop the feed network. The wizard then generates the entire phased-array component in a hierarchical network that includes the feed structure (combiner/divider), amplitude/phase control per radiating element, and the antenna array itself—ready for EM analysis.