AWR Connected

AWR software integrated with best-in-class third-party tools for greater design productivity

Interoperability Solutions

The AWR Connected™ portfolio includes third-party software/hardware solutions that plug and play with AWR software in order to provide a more powerful and complete design flow that enhances user productivity. 

AWR Connected offerings span synthesis, layout and verification, EM/thermal, and test and measurement, as well as models and process design kits (PDKs).

The AWR Connected Advantage

Use best-in-class point tools that work alongside and within AWR software.


Eliminate time-consuming manual data import/export operations with AWR Connected plug-n-play functionality.


Develop a custom design flow that works specifically to engineers' needs.



  • AMCAD Ready access between AWR software and AMCAD stability analysis (STAN) software
  • AMPSA Synthesis solutions for impedance-matching networks and high-dynamic-range amplifiers
  • DGS Associates  Sophisticated software for microwave filter design, filter optimization, and electromagnetic (EM) model building 
  • Nuhertz Filter designs engineered and synthesized with Nuhertz linked to AWR software 
  • Optenni Lab Workflow enabling transfer of optimized matching circuits from Optenni into Microwave Office software


  • ANSYS – Automated flow of layout data from Microwave Office software into ANSYS HFSS, Icepak, and more
  • CapeSym – Software-to-software co-simulation of electrical/thermal for monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) design
  • Sonnet – Automated flow of 2D layout data from Microwave Office software into Sonnet EM
  • WiPL-D – Software for EM simulation of antennas embedded within AntSyn™ antenna design software

IC/PCB Layout and Verification

  • Cadence  Data extraction from Allegro imported into AWR software
  • DWT An integrated design-rule checking (DRC)/layout vs. schematic (LVS) flow with AWR software
  • IPC2581 An industry-standard printed-circuit board (PCB) file format enabling design flows with Altium, Intercept Technology, and more
  • Mentor Graphics  Connects AWR software with Mentor's PCB software solutions using ODB++ 
  • POLYTEDA Physical verification technology with a unique one-shot processing technology
  • Zuken Streamlined design flow for Zuken and AWR software for post-layout circuit design/EM verification
  • Additional  Specialized vendor tools from 50ohm Technologies, CAD Design Software and OptiY 

Test and Measurement

  • Anritsu Integrates AWR software with Anritsu’s T&M hardware
  • Focus Microwaves  Links AWR software with Focus Microwaves/Mesuro load-pull solutions
  • Maury Microwaves  Links AWR software with Maury Microwaves load-pull solutions
  • National Instruments LabVIEW embedded into AWR software and linked to NI T&M equipment
  • Rohde & Schwarz Links AWR software with Rohde & Schwarz's T&M hardware
  • TestWave Integrates T&M equipment with AWR software

Models and PDKs

  • Modelithics High-accuracy model libraries for AWR software
  • PDKs Process design kits from gallium arsenide (GaAs), gallium nitride (GaN), Glass, and silicon (Si) foundries
  • XML Libraries Specialized parts from vendors such as Fractus Antennas, Murata, Infineon, Resonant, and more