AWR Connected - AMCAD


Stability Analysis

AWR Connected™ – AMCAD provides ready access between AWR software and AMCAD's stability analysis (STAN) software.

Stability can be difficult to achieve in microwave circuits but with the wizard that links STAN into AWR Design Environment, the tool can be called upon from within the software to locate and characterize the unwanted oscillations in components such as power amplifiers (PAs).

What is STAN?

AMCAD Engineering STAN software is a revolutionary stability analysis technique for microwave circuits that's valid for small-signal and large-signal regimes. Its patented technique, which has been developed by the University of Basque Country and the French Space Agency (CNES) is able to detect and determine the nature of oscillations, such as parametric oscillations in power amplifiers that can be, for example, a function of the input drive signal. Knowledge of the type of oscillation mode facilitates the insertion of stabilization networks and enables the circuit designer to strike a good balance between required oscillation avoidance and circuit performance.

Armed with knowledge as to the type of oscillation mode, AWR Connected – AMCAD allows users of STAN to insert the appropriate stabilization network and avoid unwanted oscillations.