AWR Connected - AMPSA


Impedance Matching

AWR Connected™ – AMPSA integrates directly with AWR software allowing circuit designers to leverage the AMPSA synthesis tools of Amplifier Design Wizard (ADW) and Impedance-Matching Wizard (IMW).

With AWR Connected – AMPSA, migrating from synthesis through to non-linear harmonic balance simulation of amplifiers and related matching networks is straightforward and powerful. 

What are ADW and IMW?

AMPSA’s ADW is a novel approach for amplifier design. It starts with synthesis within ADW and ends with detailed simulation, tuning and optimization with Microwave Office software. With ADW, a designer begins by identifying key parameters to the amplifier’s desired performance and then the software systematically searches through various solutions, optimizes them and offers them up in a tableau of potential solutions for ready export and further analysis within AWR software.

AMPSA’s IMW is a subset of the ADW and is used to synthesize lumped-element, distributed or mixed lumped/distributed matching networks. This impedance-matching wizard takes the users through steps for setting up the specifications of distributed/microstrip solutions. Pads and connecting lines, as well as parasitic inductance for capacitors and parasitic capacitance for inductors, can be specified as well for the networks to be synthesized.