AWR Connected - Anritsu


AWR Connected™ – Anritsu seamlessly integrates AWR software with Anritsu’s T&M hardware, like the VectorStar VNA, to provide a powerful and complete software-to-hardware design-to-test environment.

What is the VectorStar Promo?

AWR Connected for Anritsu combines design and test and measurement (T&M) capabilities in one environment by including Microwave Office microwave/RF circuit design software as a standard feature within Anritsu's VectorStar vector network analyzer (VNA) firmware.

VectorStar customers now have immediate access to linear circuit simulators, electromagnetic (EM) simulators and schematic/layout utilities directly within their VNA.

As a special offer, VectorStar customers who register their VNA purchase within the first year also become eligible for an additional and complementary 90-day evaluation version of AWR Design Environment software for use on a stand-alone PC.  

Eligibility terms include:

  1. Users must register for additional licenses within twelve months of purchasing a VectorStar.
  2. VectorStar ID information must be supplied, verified and validated.
  3. A business email address must be specified.
  4. The 90-day licenses includes AWR Design Environment system, circuit and EM technology.