AWR Connected - Cadence


IC and PCB

AWR Connected™ – Cadence streamlines the flow of data across Cadence's IC and PCB tools and the AWR Design Environment platform, providing mutual customers with a more seamless and complete software-to-software design flow.

What is the PCB Flow?

The AWR Connected interface between Cadence Allegro multi-chip module/system-in-package (MCM/SIP) PCB and package layout tools and Microwave Office software works by extracting user-specified data from Allegro — conductors, nets, components, pins, substrate, material properties — and quickly and easily allowing for it to be imported into Microwave Office for further simulation.

The flow also allows designers to export their RF design from Microwave Office (schematic/layout) into the Cadence Allegro PCB Editor such that it can be immediately integrated into the overall PCB design and exported for critical simulation/verification.t also includes the reverse flow of taking Microwave Office circuits (layout too) and embedding those into Cadence.

What is the IC Flow?

This flow enables mutual customers to efficiently transition their GaAs/GaN design IP into Cadence Virtuoso. This allows customers to access the full complement of high-frequency models and EM simulation capabilities within the AWR Design Environment and expand it by readily and seamlessly transferring that design IP into the Cadence platform.