AWR Connected - CapeSym


MMIC Thermal Analysis

AWR Connected™ – CapeSym integrates CapeSym's SYMMIC™ thermal FEM analysis software with AWR software in order to provide a seamless co-simulation environment for electrical/thermal analysis of MMICs.

What is SYMMIC?

High-power RF components not only produce high power—they also generate heat. This makes it important to not only understand the electrical performance of the end device but also the impact of its thermal profile. AWR Connected for SYMMIC is a unidirectional interface flow developed especially for high power monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) designers to enable them to easily take AWR software circuit designs into CapeSym’s SYMMIC software package for thermal analysis.

Together, AWR & CapeSym provide high power RF designers with the ability to obtain optimal electrical performance with proper consideration given to thermal operating properties as well. This results more robust and reliable next-generation RF and power systems.