AWR Connected - National Instruments


Design to Test

AWR Connected™ – National Instruments integrates AWR software with NI's LabVIEW™ software and PXI/modular hardware for a powerful and complete software-to-software/hardware design to test environment.

What is Design to Test?

The AWR Design Environment platform provides a convenient plug-n-play interface to NI LabVIEW to enable the use of a broad range of signal processing and software-defined, virtual instrumentation control of test and measurement (T&M) equipment for various hardware-in-the loop or design-to-test applications. 

With AWR software calling NI LabVIEW directly, via a virtual instrument (VI) server interface, the LabVIEW environment can thus be accessed for further domain-specific analyses. In this way, the correlation of both simulated and actual measurements can be acquired in the LabVIEW and AWR software environments and consequently, a simulatable model of the device under test (DUT) is achieved with this heterogeneous environment, providing designers with the ability to build, test and validate design cases earlier in the product design cycle.

Additionally, via the VI, LabVIEW can be accessed inside of VSS for further, additional and/or specific signal processing. In this way, the design is controlled at the macro-level by VSS with LabVIEW providing additional on-demand signal generation and signal processing capabilities embedded from within the VSS software environment.