A free and interactive calculator for the analysis and synthesis of transmission-line structures

Transmission-Line Calculator

TX-LINE software is a FREE and interactive transmission-line utility for the analysis and synthesis of transmission-line structures that can be used directly in Microwave Office for matching-circuit and other high-frequency designs.

Users need only specify the material properties for common transmission mediums such as microstrip and stripline and either the physical or electrical characteristics of the distributed-transmission line to be synthesized or analyzed. 

Features at a Glance

  • Synthesize – Create physical-transmission lines based on the physical-material properties of a substrate and specified electrical characteristics
  • Analyze  Determine the electrical characteristics of a physical-transmission line
  • Medium Types – Supports microstrip, stripline, coplanar waveguide (WG), grounded coplanar WG, slotline, and coupled lines (MS and SL) 


Transmission lines

Calculate the electrical characteristics for a length of microstrip, stripline, or co-planar waveguide (with or without ground plane), or synthesize the physical dimensions (width, length) for a transmission line with required electrical characteristics (electrical length/delay, impedance) on a user-specified substrate. This free utility is ideal for determining the physical dimensions for delay lines, resonant structures, and open/closed stub-tuning elements. 

Coupled Lines

Determine the impact of length, width, and coupled-line spacing on even- and odd-mode impedance, electrical length, and phase constant for parallel microstrip and stripline transmission lines used in couplers and differential pairs. 

Coax Design

Calculate or synthesize the physical dimensions or electrical characteristics of user-defined coaxial-transmission lines used in cabling, through-substrate feed structures, connector launches, and antenna probes.