Analog Office

Analog/RFIC design software for the development of RF silicon-based intellectual property (IP)
Analog Office

RFIC/Analog Design

Analog Office software offers designers of RF and analog ICs an intuitive, flexible, and accurate design solution. Its unique architecture streamlines designs and increases user productivity by enabling designers to control and integrate best-in-class tools to capture, synthesize, simulate, optimize, lay out, extract, and verify RFIC and analog designs from the system level through to final tapeout.

The Analog Office Advantage

Seamlessly integrates fully-synchronized schematic/layout design entry with nonlinear circuit analysis and system/electromagnetic (EM) co-simulation for design verification.


RF-aware iNet™ intelligent net and ACE™ automated circuit extraction technologies provide fast interconnect modeling and parasitic extraction of IC structures created with the integrated layout editor.


Supports Cadence Virtuoso RF IP netlist simulation with harmonic balance (HB) simulation for nonlinear, frequency-domain circuit analysis and EM co-simulation for design verification. 

Features at a Glance 

  • Schematic/Layout – Design entry with industry-leading tuning
  • APLAC – Linear and nonlinear HB circuit simulation  
  • Parasitic Extraction – Fully integrated circuit/EM co-simulation with AXIEM™ and Analyst EM simulators
  • Load Pull – State-of-the-art load-pull analysis
  • Stability – Includes both linear and nonlinear stability analysis
  • DRC/LVS – Design rule checking/layout vs. schematic


Small-Scale RFICs

Small-scale (low-to-moderate number of active/passive on-chip devices) RFIC design entry, project management, simulation, and post-processing for silicon-based devices. Develop high-performance RFIC devices and IC component blocks targeting communication and radar requirements for linearity, efficiency, bandwidth, phase noise, and more.

RF Blocks

Co-simulation of Spectre and HSPICE-generated netlists along with imported OpenAccess schematics supports detailed analysis of radio blocks from large-scale RF/mixed-signal RFICs. Robust HB technology efficiently simulates RF/microwave blocks such as amplifiers, oscillators, mixers (frequency converters), and filters operating under nonlinear conditions and high-spectral, multi-tone content. 

Multi-Chip Modules

Enhanced design flow capabilities support multi-technology projects, commonly used to simulate multi-chip modules that integrate diverse monolithic microwave IC (MMIC) and RFIC devices on a single laminate package/module characterized with fully-integrated EM simulation. 

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AWR Analog Office has provided the Epicom design team with a unified, easy-to-use, and fully integrated RFIC design suite, which enabled us to obtain our complex RFIC silicon tape-out on a short schedule.
Cindy H. C. Yuen
Vice President of Engineering
Epic Communications
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We wanted a design environment that allowed us to extend our RF engineering service offering to include RFIC design. Easy integration of the RFIC tool chain in our established, and proven product development workflow was very important for us, as RFIC design is a growing, but not the main activity in our daily business.
Dr. Wolfgang Konrad
Siemens AG Österreich
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