AWR Trademarks and Logo Guidelines

Find below information regarding AWR trademarks and logo guidelines.
1. Trademarks.
AWR is Now NI.  Please refer to for complete details of all trademarks of National Instruments.  For trademarks of AWR Corporation (now National Instruments), the following registered trademarks apply:
  • AWR
  • AWR Design Environment
  • Advancing the wireless revolution
  • Analog Office
  • AXIEM 
  • Microwave Office

Additionally, the following trademarks are also utilized:

  • Analyst™
  • AntSyn
  • Visual System Simulator™ (VSS)

Other names, logos, icons, and marks identifying NI AWR software products and services referenced herein, including all marks preceded by "NI" are either trademarks or registered trademarks or service marks of NI and may not be used without the prior written permission of NI. Other product and company names listed on the website or in printed materials are trademarks or trade names of their respective companies.

2. Referential Mention.

2.1. Generally. So long as you comply with the Guidelines in Section 4, you may mention the above NI AWR software Trademarks for the sole purpose of making appropriate nominative fair use references necessary to identify NI and the corresponding NI AWR software products and services to the extent that they cannot readily be identified without mentioning the trademark or service mark, if you ensure that, in doing so, no impression is created that you, or any of your goods or services, are affiliated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by NI. Any mention or display of any Trademarks that is not in accordance with the Guidelines in Section 4 is not considered by NI to be fair use and is not permitted by NI.

2.2. Books and Other Publications. If you are an author or a publisher, you may make an appropriate nominative fair use reference to an NI AWR software Trademark in the publication to the extent necessary to identify an NI product or service because the publication is about that product or service and the product or service cannot readily be identified without mentioning the trademark or service mark. NI Trademarks should not be featured in the title of the publication, and the Guidelines in Section 4 should be followed.

3. Logos.

NI sometimes permits the use of certain of its logos/icons on a case-by-case basis for specific purposes. If you desire to display a particular NI logo or NI AWR software icon, you may request permission to display that logo by sending an email to [email protected],  and by providing any requested information to NI. If approved, you will be notified by email and provided with the terms and conditions applicable to the permission. Whether or not to grant any permission, and if so, on what terms and conditions, is  in the sole discretion of NI. Upon your acceptance of the terms and conditions prescribed by NI, the permission will be granted and you will be provided with access to the necessary artwork and other materials as determined by NI.

4. Guidelines.

  • Do not mention any NI Trademark other than those necessary to identify the corresponding NI AWR software product or service. This generally means that only the appropriate word mark, and no logos or designs, may be displayed. In certain circumstances, as described in Section 3, NI may permit the use of certain of its logos. EXCEPT AS MAY BE EXPRESSLY GRANTED IN A PERMISSION DESCRIBED IN SECTION 3, NO PERMISSION IS GRANTED TO DISPLAY ANY LOGOS OR DESIGNS.
  • Do not mention or display any NI Trademark in any manner that may be understood as indicating, suggesting or implying that you or any of your goods or services are affiliated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by NI.
  • Do not display any NI Trademark more prominently than your own trademarks, service marks or trade names.
  • Do not use any NI Trademark as a domain name or part of a domain name.
  • Do not combine or closely juxtapose any NI Trademark with any other image or text.
  • Do not alter any NI Trademark in any way. This includes without limitation abbreviating it; removing, modifying, scaling, cropping, or repositioning any elements of it; changing any color; or applying any special effects including, but not limited to animation, drop shadows, glows, textures, embossing, or distortion.
  • Do not use any NI Trademark in a repeating pattern or as part of a word or sentence.
  • Do not use any NI Trademark as, or as part of, a product name or logo, or corporate, service or business name or logo, other than the corresponding NI AWR software product or service that the NI Trademark is used by NI to identify.
  • Do not use any NI Trademark on, or as an element or feature of, a software program or other good (including without limitation as an icon).
  • The NI Trademarks do not indicate a type of product or service; rather, they serve to distinguish NI products and services from those of others. Thus, you may not use an NI Trademark as a noun, a plural or possessive, or a verb. The NI Trademark must be followed by the appropriate noun indicating the product or service type (for example "Microwave Office software").
  • Include, in prominent type and font in all user documentation, and all materials on or in connection with which the NI Trademark is mentioned or displayed, a statement in the following form (if identified by NI as a service mark, replace the word "trademark" with "service mark"):
    • [Trademark] is a trademark of National Instruments. Neither [insert your name], nor any software programs or other goods or services offered by [insert your name], are affiliated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by National Instruments.

If you have questions concerning these Guidelines, or want to request permission to display a logo identified in Section 3 above, please email [email protected]. Please note that this document and the above Guidelines do not constitute legal advice, and neither NI nor any of its employees, agents or attorneys is acting as your attorney. You are encouraged to consult with your own attorney with regard to the matters that are the subject of this document and the above Guidelines.