Customer stories

TMYTEK Reduces Design Time 20-30% for mmWave RF Front-End Components
University of L’Aquila Researcher Develops an Active Filter Design Methodology
CommScope Designer Develops Inverted-F Antenna
Lexiwave Designers Develop Efficient 24-GHz Radar Antenna Array
PhD Student Designs Antenna Array for Locating GPS Interference
Professor and Student Design UHF Antenna Amplifier
MTUCI Students Design Microwave Filters Using NI AWR Software
Industry Insights Video Series: Mercury Systems
Matching Network for GaN HEMT Power Amplifier
Sumitomo Electric Designs Compact GaN HEMT Doherty Amplifier Using NI AWR Software
LaSalle Students Design Matching Networks for Virtual Antenna Technology
Aalto University Students Design a 1.5 GHz Doppler Radar Using NI AWR Software
Wolfspeed Designs a Compact PA Solution Using Novel GaN Process and NI AWR Software
Quasonix, Inc. Telemetry Systems Development Design Flow Improves Productivity 150 Percent
Fractus Antennas Technology Innovates a New Class of Miniature Chip Antenna Components
UPCT Students Design a Ku-Band Multiplexer
Defence Science Technology Group Australia and Partner Macquarie University Design a 94 GHz Hairpin Filter