Amplifier Technology

Amplifier Technology Uses Microwave Office and Designs Diplexer
In less than 2 weeks, the diplexer was designed from concept to prototype. I have deep satisfaction with Microwave Office. Time after time, it has me achieving right-the-first-time results!
Ivan Boshnakov
Senior RF Design Engineer
Amplifier Technology

Amplifier Technology Uses Microwave Office and Designs Diplexer from Concept to Prototype in Less Than 2 Weeks

The Design Challenge

The design challenge was to design a microstrip diplexer to combine/split 0.7-1GHz and 1.7-2.2Ghz bands and to also have sufficient isolation/rejection between the bands as well as low insertion loss in the bands too. And finally, to complete the design within a very tight deadline schedule.

The Solution

AWR's Microwave Office software provided all the features and simulation tools necessary to quickly realize an accurate diplexer design. These features included a highly intuitive user-interface, an integrated and friendly schematic and layout design environment, powerful optimization routines/methods, accurate electromagnetic-based microstrip discontinuities models as well as an extensive set/selection of lumped component model libraries.

All of these facets combined to take a diplexer design from concept to tape-out in less than 2 weeks. The prototype design was delivered to the customer in this timeframe as well and worked right-the-first-time. Simulation results agreed very well with measured device data - no surprise!

In my opinion, Microwave Office is very user-friendly and full-featured, making it the best RF/microwave design software available in the market.

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