CommScope Designer Develops Inverted-F Antenna
AWR software combines simplicity with the ability to deliver highly-complex solutions in less time compared to conventional development approaches.
Johannes Steigert
RF Electrical Engineer

CommScope Designer Develops Inverted-F Antenna 


Johannes Steigert, an RF engineer at CommScope, was challenged to develop an inverted-F antenna for a mobile communications sub-1 GHz band. The specifications for the mechanical dimensions of the printed-circuit board (PCB) severely limited the available space for the antenna. Consequently, difficult tradeoffs from the state-of-the-art theoretical design had to be made regarding antenna gain, efficiency, and broadband performance.


The CommScope design team chose the AWR Design Environment platform for the development of their inverted-F antenna. The sophisticated capabilities of Microwave Office circuit design software combined with the speed of the AXIEM electromagnetic (EM) simulator helped the team cut the number of various prototype design spins and delivered a first-time-right solution for the given problems. The software detected the influence of the mechanical tradeoffs and helped the team compensate for those problems during the simulation phase.

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