Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU)

Students and Researchers at CTU Achieve mm-Wave Circuit Design Success with AWR
From basic microwave building blocks to advanced research circuit design we have found AWR’s Microwave Office and AXIEM to be an ideal choice of tools.
Dr. Tomas Korinek
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU)

Students and Researchers at The Czech Technical University in Prague Achieve Microwave and mm-Wave Circuit Design Success with AWR

Company Profile

The Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU) was established on the initiative of Josef Christian Willenberg, on the basis of a foundation deed signed by Emperor Joseph I and dated 18 January, 1707. CTU provides a high-quality university education through an extensive portfolio of primarily engineering branches of study, where basic and applied research and numerous scientific projects are conducted with great emphasis on industrial use and applications.

The Design Challenge

CTU challenges its graduate engineering students to master the basic design of microwave circuits and subsystems and become familiar with the concepts of active and passive microwave and millimeter wave circuit designs. CTU also conducts research activities in many RF and microwave application areas, including passive planar circuits like filters, stripline/microstrip couplers, large-signal and small-signal amplifiers, Shottky doublers, and other essential building blocks commonly found in high-frequency circuits and subsystems.

The Solution

CTU uses AWR’s Microwave Office® circuit design software and AXIEM® EM simulation software extensively in both coursework and research because it is fast to learn and easy to use, enabling students to successfully master the complex concepts of high-frequency design and complete their master’s theses.

Why Did You Choose AWR?

Professor Tomas Korinek remarks that the goal of CTU’s electrical engineering department is for students and research projects to achieve efficient, cost effective, and fast designs without the need for repetitive prototyping of test boards. For example, his students recently designed planar filters that operate up to 40GHz relying upon the extensive capabilities of AWR’s software. The software enabled the students to perform accurate and fast analysis and optimization of these filters. Professor Korinek and his students were delighted with the seamless integration of Microwave Office with Mentor Graphics’ tools as well in order to perform full-wave EM simulation as a final verification.

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