Elbit Systems Ltd. (Testimonial)

I Found the Load Pull Wizard in Microwave Office Particularly Helpful in Achieving the Amplifier’s Stringent Performance Goals
My challenge was to design a 20 W power amplifier based on a Nitronix NPTB00025 GaN FET, with the goal of achieving extremely high linearity and efficiency with an EVN of less than two percent. I found the load pull wizard in Microwave Office particularly helpful in achieving the amplifier’s stringent performance goals, as well as the accuracy of its models and speed with which simulation could be performed. In addition, I give credit to the AWR technical support team for the assistance they proved with complex issues.
Moti Attias
Microwave Engineer
Elbit Systems Ltd. (Testimonial)


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The Microwave Office intuitive environment, the interaction of all of its simulation engines, and its integration with third-party design tools has enabled us to develop a seamless, first-time-right design process for our RF/microwave amplifiers.
Ivan Boshnakov
Senior Principal Engineer
Aerial Facilities Limited
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The seamless integration of the Microwave Office and VSS software gave me more meaningful results because I was able to simulate my power amplifier circuit design’s response to the EDGE/GSM modulated input signal with one design platform. I used Microwave Office and VSS from circuit concept all the way through to product completion. I was exceptionally happy with the technical quality of the ACPR and EVM simulation results.
TriQuint Design Engineer
TriQuint (now Qorvo)
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We were unable to EM this entire structure using any other EM solver and turned to AWR to give it a try. The insights gained as unveiled by AXIEM opens up new vistas in mm-wave design for Mimix.
Dr. Simon Mahon
Director of MMIC Design
Mimix Broadband (now part of M/A Com)
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