Lexiwave Technology

Lexiwave Designers Develop Efficient 24-GHz Radar Antenna Array
Henry Lau
AWR software is the only design platform that offers not only a complete suite of tools for efficient and accurate antenna design and simulation, but also an antenna synthesis tool, which shortened our design time significantly.
Henry Lau
Lexiwave Technology

Lexiwave Designers Develop Efficient 24-GHz Radar Antenna Array


Lexiwave Technology Ltd., Hong Kong, specializes in RF system and RF integrated circuit (IC) design solutions for communications products, IoT devices and consumer electronics. With the extensive experience and industry relationships of its management teams, Lexiwave provides a complete array of internet of things (IoT) and wireless solutions, from design and manufacturing to product electromagnetic interference (EMI)/electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) compliance. Operating within the Technology Centre of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, the company benefits from easy access to world-class IC design and support and RF test and measurement facilities.


Antenna performance plays a critical role in determining the communication range and quality of service necessary for wireless and IoT devices. As connected devices simultaneously shrink in size, cost, and required power consumption, electrically-small, efficient antenna design becomes crucial to the success of these products. Lexiwave designers required a sophisticated electronic design automation (EDA) platform with a complete suite of tools that would enable them to efficiently design new commercial sensor products for their clients such as a 24-GHz short-range, object-detection, and distance-measurement radar antenna array.


The designers chose AWR Design Environment software, specifically the AXIEM planar and Analyst™ 3D finite-element method (FEM) EM simulators, as well as the AntSyn™ antenna design and synthesis tool, based on their knowledge of the design features, ease of use, and fast and robust meshing technology, as well as their confidence in the software’s ability to efficiently run simulations and accurately predict performance. Henry Lau, CEO, regularly features the software in various antenna design webinars and conference workshops throughout the world. 

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