Marki Microwave

Marki Microwave Combines Microwave Office with Microlithic Manufacturing
Designing in software has saved us incalculable amounts of time and money and significantly increased the outlook for a more profitable future and industry longevity for the company.
Christopher F. Marki
Director of Operations
Marki Microwave

Marki Microwave Combines Microwave Office with Microlithic Manufacturing for Successful Custom Mixer Designs

Company Profile

Marki Microwave’s goal is to invent technologies to empower the RF and microwave industry to design faster, simplify production, eliminate complexity, and shatter performance barriers. This goal is achieved through intensive research, product development, and advanced and carefully controlled production. The company has a multi-decade legacy designing high performance microwave components, demonstrating technical leadership through collaboration with thousands of customers.

The Design Challenge

Marki Microwave was using a very time-consuming, empirical design process to produce the highest quality mixers for customers who expect the best performance available in the smallest footprint.  Despite the industry-leading performance of its mixers, Marki had reached the fundamental limit on how small a mixer could be built by hand. The company knew that it must overcome this challenge in order to continue to innovate and advance the technology of its mixers for the future.

The Solution

Marki developed a new mixer design and manufacturing flow that leverages AWR’s Microwave Office circuit simulation software combined with Marki’s patent-pending Microlithic™ mixer manufacturing process in order to achieve more compact mixers with the same top quality and performance as their current hand-crafted ones.

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Because we are a young start-up, design time and cycles are critical and it is important for us to succeed on the first round. The ease-of-use of the software, simulation speed, and accuracy of models in Microwave Office gave us confidence for the first build.
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The results of the AXIEM simulation proved to be highly accurate when compared to the measured results. We were also excited about AXIEM's potential to cut our design time, streamline our flow, and positively impact our bottom line.
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In less than 2 weeks, the diplexer was designed from concept to prototype. I have deep satisfaction with Microwave Office. Time after time, it has me achieving right-the-first-time results!
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