Moscow Technical University of Communication and Informatics (MTUCI)

MTUCI Students Design Microwave Filters Using AWR Software
The ease of use of the AWR Design Environment platform enables my students to quickly get the first results and makes it an ideal tool for skill learning and development.
Oleg Arinin
Assistant Professor
Moscow Technical University of Communication and Informatics (MTUCI)

MTUCI Students Design Microwave Filters Using AWR Software


Moscow Technical University of Communication and Informatics (MTUCI) in Moscow, Russia is a large educational and scientific center for the training of highly qualified specialists in the field of telecommunications, informatics, radio engineering, economics, and management. The history of the university, as a higher educational institution, began in February 1921. To date, the university has about 14,000 intramural and extramural, bachelors, graduate, and postgraduate students. 


The challenge in this project was to investigate the potential selective capabilities of a new type of structure and simulate a highly selective microstrip microwave filter on that basis. Synthesis of new structures inherently has certain difficulties, since purely analytical methods do not allow for designers to obtain the required result and a full-wave 3D electromagnetic (EM) simulation significantly increases the design time and makes it difficult to analyze the potentialities of the structure.


Under the guidance of Professor G. M. Aristarkhov, undergraduate student I. N. Kirilov and graduate student/Assistant Professor O.V. Arinin designed a highly selective filter.The students chose the AWR Design Environment platform, specifically Microwave Office circuit design software, for the initial analysis of the structure. The software made it possible to quickly and accurately analyze the capabilities of this structure and achieve an increased frequency selectivity compared to traditional comb structures with additional EM couplings between non-adjacent resonators. 

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