Pulse Electronics

Pulse Speeds Up Filter Development
For us, Microwave Office means accurate models, fast filter development cycles, time savings and cost efficiency.
Kimmo Koskiniemi
RF Chief Engineer
Pulse Electronics

Pulse Speeds Up Filter Development

"Traditionally, design of our RF filters at Pulse meant extensive physical testing and multiple prototyping cycles. Through the use of simulation software we have managed to reduce the time and expense attached to these phases of product development. Simulation not only obviates the first prototyping round altogether, but gives us a clear idea of component behavior before we ever make the first physical measurement.

We have used Microwave Office for several years now, and without doubt it has established itself as our main simulation tool. We find it exceptionally valuable in modeling multi-resonant comb-line filter structures. Accurate models allow good simulation of ceramic resonators and even the possibility to take into account electromagnetic coupling between resonator elements.

For us, Microwave Office means accurate models, fast development cycles, time savings and cost efficiency."

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For Creowave it is extremely important to succeed on the first round. We don't do many design-rounds because the filters have to be on the market fast. We believe that this is not possible with any other tools besides AWR.
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AWR's solution is unique because the company's tool development is driven by customer demand. It offers all the features that are absolutely necessary for an effective product design. The AWR design flow, along with excellent customer support, is a winning combination.
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After a very successful evaluation, we decided to use AWR’s high-frequency design tools for our curriculum. The speed, accuracy, and ease-of-use as well as the excellent support we received from AWR’s local application engineer throughout the evaluation process made it very easy for us to select AWR and AWR software as our new partner for RF/microwave studies.
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