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Pulse Relies on AWR Software to Design Antenna Modules for Wireless Devices and GPS
The advanced AWR Design Environment platform provides us with a flexible platform for our antenna solution design needs. We can rely on the accurate models and trust the simulation results, which leads to fewer design spins. With Microwave Office we are able to accurately design our complex products and get them to market faster.
Kimmo Koskiniemi
Engineering Group Manager
Pulse Electronics

Pulse Relies on AWR Software to Design Cutting Edge Antenna Modules for Wireless Devices and GPS

The Design Challenge

The complexity of the mobile antenna market is rapidly increasing as new RF functions are integrated into wireless devices. Next-generation antennas must be able to function in multisystem applications and support a variety of wireless standards such as tri-quad-penta-band global system for mobile communications (GSM), wireless local area network (WLAN), WiFi, Bluetooth and global positioning systems (GPS) for navigation.

What design problem did AWR's software help you to solve?

We need a complete, powerful, uncomplicated design flow that we can be confident will enable us to deliver our complex antenna designs quickly and to a variety of exacting specifications. For the design of the latest integrated antenna modules and solutions like 2.4Ghz ceramic Bluetooth, and GPS, Pulse uses Microwave Office software to efficiently design optimized products that meet our demanding requirements.

Why did you choose Microwave Office?

Pulse has been using the APLAC® RF simulator for over a decade as one of its main simulation tools. As a satisfied customer, we were then able to upgrade to the Microwave Office design environment and to take advantage of additional AWR technologies that are extremely important for the success of our future designs. We have been very happy with the accuracy of AWR's models as well as the simulation engines being first-rate. The ability to have layout integrated with the circuit schematic is key: the Microwave Office tool makes layout much less less complicated, complements our existing CAD solution, and helps us to streamline the entire design process.

What were the key benefits of using AWR software?

Our design process has improved since we incorporated Microwave Office software into our design flow. We are now able to use the software suite to not only create the layout but to also call upon EMSight™ to accurately model antenna matching circuits. We also use the APLAC scripting capabilities to optimize circuit behavior and include component tolerances. We are extremely satisfied with local support and training services; AWR has supplied us with an optimal design and simulation solution that covers our highly demanding application.

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