Roke Manor Research, Ltd. (Testimonial)

We Have Been Using Microwave Office for Many Years at Roke Manor Research
We have been using Microwave Office for many years at Roke Manor Research, and have been consistently impressed by its ease of use and accuracy. The 2004 version brings significant improvements and additions, including very accurate prediction of oscillator phase noise, and a much faster harmonic balance simulator. A welcome new option is the seamless integration of an HSPICE® time-domain simulator. Perhaps the most impressive capability is real-time tuning of a nonlinear circuit using both time- and frequency-domain simulations simultaneously.
Roke Manor Research, Ltd. (Testimonial)

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Using AWR's ACE technology, Multitest is able to accurately and efficiently simulate PCB interfaces prior to fabrication. This gives our customers the confidence they need before they even receive our hardware.
Ryan Satrom
Signal Integrity Engineer
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It would have been impossible to invent the Microlithic mixer without adopting AWR’s Microwave Office simulation technology. By using a modern CAD approach, we successfully condensed four decades of hard-earned mixer design knowledge into 12 months of intense simulation and hardware development. Designing in software has saved us incalculable amounts of time and money.
Christopher F. Marki
Director of Operations
Marki Microwave, Inc. (Business Impact Profile)
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Today's complex RF circuits require a more innovative approach than traditional design software offers and the Microwave Office product provides the technology our designers require. The AWR open system platform enhances engineering productivity and reduces development costs by providing an easy-to-use, integrated solution that improves design time over legacy tools in a number of applications.
Marc Garin
Atlantic RF (Testimonial)
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