Skyworks Speeds Delivery of Multiple-Band PA Modules and Switch Functions into Single (MCMs)
This is a tool developed with the designer in mind.The concurrent AWR flow enables us to produce more accurate and robust designs three times faster than in other EDA, giving us a faster time-to-market, and enabling us to exceed our customers, expectations.
Paul T. DiCarlo
Sr. Director of Engineering, PA/FEM Development

Skyworks Speeds Delivery of Multiple-Band PA Modules and Switch Functions into Single Multi-Chip Modules (MCMs)

Design Challenge at Skyworks

Skyworks Intera front-end modules were designed with cost and space savings in mind. Skyworks Intera FEMs combine the company's industry-leading PA module and switch functions into single, low-cost, laminate-based MCMs. Key features of the transmit FEMs include multi-band, multi-mode PAs, high-linearity transmit/receive switches and all associated filtering and control functions.

What design problem did AWR’s software help you to solve?

AWR provides the only electronic design automation (EDA) environment capable of handling the increasing complexity and higher integration of multiple-band PA modules and switch functions into single MCMs. Microwave Office software has the unique ability to simulate multiple integrated circuits (ICs), operating within a complex package, including bondwires, vias, and interconnects. Seamless integration of electromagnetic (EM) simulation, circuit simulation, and layout reduces errors, which enables for a more robust design and accelerates time-to-market.

What were your reasons for choosing AWR software?

Increased productivity, ease-of-use, and the concurrent design approach that the tool enables us to employ. Lastly, AWR customer service and on-site support is unmatched in the industry.

What were the key benefits of using AWR software?

The resulting Skyworks FEMs are completed in about one-third the design time of competing tools and reduces the need to employ multiple EDA tools during the design cycle.

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