Striiv Wearables Integrate High-Efficiency Antennas
We chose AWR software because of the proven success of AntSyn and Analyst. The resulting designs worked from the very start and removed the iteration and experimentation usually required in antenna design efforts.
Mark Ross
VP Engineering

Striiv Wearables Integrate High-Efficiency Antennas

Company Profile

Located in Redwood City, CA, Striiv develops portable fitness devices and mobile-enabled applications that help users be active and healthy. Striiv has developed a line of products that automatically monitors personal activity and sleep metrics simply by wearing the tracker. Users get a clear picture of their health with continuous and resting heart rate monitoring and are able to track sleep quality and activity levels throughout the day. Consumers can also stay connected through a full-featured smart watch that receives alerts for caller ID, text messages, and all their favorite apps, without ever taking out their smartphone.

The Design Challenge

Striiv needed a new integrated, high-performance antenna that would provide better battery life and Bluetooth wireless performance for its next-generation Fusion 2 and Fusion Bio 2 wearable tracker devices. The challenges were that the antenna size had to be small enough to fit in the tiny device package and also had to be inexpensive to produce in quantity, both of which typically limit antenna performance. It was also important to complete the design quickly and get it into prototyping and production design without holding up the schedule, so the design process had to be reliable even though working with physics can be a very uncertain process.

The Solution

The Striiv design team chose AntSyn™ antenna design, synthesis, and optimization software for the design of a high-efficiency, inexpensive Bluetooth antenna for these new devices. The initial designs were created in AntSyn in only a matter of days and the final synthesized design was complete in less than two weeks. Tests with the first prototype showed excellent performance and no further design cycles were required, enabling the Striiv team to meet its tight cost and schedule requirements without sacrificing performance. 

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