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Wavice Research Engineer Designs S-Band IMFET Using AWR Software
AWR software is intuitive, which reduced my design time while delivering high accuracy. In particular, the tuning and optimization features are advantageous for assigning variables to view performance trends.
Kwanjin Oh
Research Engineer
Wavice Inc

Wavice Research Engineer Designs S-Band IMFET


Wavice Inc is a leading defense company in South Korea. It is equipped with an internal fab that provides a durable RF gallium nitride (GaN) process, bolstered by the recent opening of its 0.4 μm foundry service. 


Long-range radar systems with solid-state power amplifiers (PAs) often require high-power output, and as there is limited installation space, the device must also be very small in size. Monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs) are considered the best solution for reducing the size of PAs, however, the development cost of MMICs can be extremely high when used in low- to medium-volume applications such as defense. 


Wavice Inc designer Kwanjin Oh used the Microwave Office circuit simulator within AWR Design Environment platform to design an internally matching field-effect transistor (IMFET) that enabled a size reduction of the PA by more than 10 times. Matching the source and drain impedances was straightforward and the load-pull analysis, tuning, and optimization features in the software significantly reduced design time as well.

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