Customer stories

Sumitomo Electric Designs Compact GaN HEMT Doherty Amplifier Using AWR Software
LaSalle Students Design Matching Networks for Virtual Antenna Technology
Aalto University Students Design a 1.5 GHz Doppler Radar Using AWR Software
Wolfspeed Designs a Compact PA Solution Using Novel GaN Process and AWR Software
Quasonix, Inc. Telemetry Systems Development Design Flow Improves Productivity 150 Percent
Fractus Antennas Technology Innovates a New Class of Miniature Chip Antenna Components
UPCT Students Design a Ku-Band Multiplexer
Defence Science Technology Group Australia and Partner Macquarie University Design a 94 GHz Hairpin Filter
Senior Design Course Inspires an Industry Workshop
North Carolina State University Prepares Students for Industry Challenges Through Hands-On Design Course
Budapest University of Technology Students Design Novel Mixer Using AWR Software
Heriot-Watt Students Designs Novel RF Filters
JCU Professor Successfully Identifies Filters That Lower BER of Wideband Mobile Communications
AGH University Researchers Model a Low-Cost Microwave Vector System With AWR Software
University of Hyogo Graduate Students Design a Unique Broadband Branch-Line Coupler Using AWR Software
UC Davis Students Design Sophisticated Radar System Using AWR Software
GNU Uses AWR Software to Analyze Signal Interference in Passive UHF FRID Systems