Customer stories

KNU Students Design AM-FM Radar With Active Reflector Using NI AWR Software
SARAS Technology Designs Broadband and Efficient RFPA Using NI AWR Software
Thales UK Designs GaN MMIC/Packaging for MAGNUS Program Using NI AWR Software
Marki Microwave Designs Industry’s Highest Performing MMIC T3 Mixer With NI AWR Software
Oregon Tech Students Readily Learn RF/Wireless Design Using NI AWR Software
Qorvo Designs Distributed PA MMIC With Novel Trifilar Transformer Utilizing NI AWR Software
University of Bristol Students Win 2016 IMS PA Student Design Competition Using NI AWR Software
RF Microtech Develops Complex UWB Filter in Record Time
Striiv Wearables Integrate High-Efficiency Antennas
DST Group Australia Develops a 25-45 GHz SiGe Receiver Using Analog Office
Mitsubishi Electric Addresses EMC of DIATONE Automotive System Using NI AWR Software
Helsinki Metropolia University Students Learn Microwave Amplifier Design Using NI AWR Software
Sensata Designs Reliable Tire Pressure Monitoring System With NI AWR Software
University of Virginia Teaches PCB Design With NI AWR Design Environment
Ural Federal University Students Realize RF Miniaturized Branch-Line Coupler
MaXentric Designs and Optimizes Envelope Tracking PA's for 5G LTE Using NI AWR Software
Infineon Supports LTE-A LNA Customers With Band-Specific Application Notes
NUPT Students Design Novel Broadband Substrate Interconnection Structure