Customer stories

I Found the Load Pull Wizard in Microwave Office Particularly Helpful in Achieving the Amplifier’s Stringent Performance Goals
Marki Microwave Combines Microwave Office with Revolutionary Manufacturing Process for Successful Custom Mixer Designs
Esju and Nokia Networks Use NI AWR Software for Designing Switching-mode Power Amplifiers
FURUNO Electric Reduces Design Time 40 Percent Using NI AWR Software and LabVIEW
University of Alberta Graduate Student Uses NI AWR Software to Design Graphene FETs
Tokyo Keiki Cuts Design Time for High-Power Amplifiers in Half Using NI AWR Software
Cover Sistemi Uses NI AWR Software to Design a UWB Receiver
Sapienza University of Rome Uses NI AWR Software for RF/Microwave Classes and Graduate Research
Mimix Uses Microwave Office to Successfully Design Industry-Leading 35-45GHz Receiver
PhD Student Starts Engineering Consultancy Firm Leveraging NI AWR Software
Microwave Office and AXIEM software used for the design of a Doherty power amplifier
AWR Student Design Competition Winner uses Microwave Office for Power Amplifier Design
Prism Microwave Maximizes R&D Efficiency for Base Station Filter Design
Texas Tech Reengineers its Microwave Engineering Course to Make for a More Vivid and Hands-On Experience
NI Partner with Texas Tech for Biomedical Research Through Integrated Solutions
NCSU Senior Design Program Uses NI AWR Software to Achieve Success
NI’s EDA Software Platform Enables Fast RF/MW Development Cycles at Linwave Technology
Unique AWR Technology Enables International Accelerator Development