Customer stories

Richardson RFPD Engineers Overcome Automotive SDARS Design Challenges With NI AWR Software
CommScope Designer Develops Inverted-F Antenna
Sumitomo Electric Designs Compact GaN HEMT Doherty Amplifier Using NI AWR Software
Wolfspeed Designs a Compact PA Solution Using Novel GaN Process and NI AWR Software
Defence Science Technology Group Australia and Partner Macquarie University Design a 94 GHz Hairpin Filter
SARAS Technology Designs Broadband and Efficient RFPA Using NI AWR Software
Thales UK Designs GaN MMIC/Packaging for MAGNUS Program Using NI AWR Software
Qorvo Designs Distributed PA MMIC With Novel Trifilar Transformer Utilizing NI AWR Software
Sensata Designs Reliable Tire Pressure Monitoring System With NI AWR Software
MaXentric Designs and Optimizes Envelope Tracking PA's for 5G LTE Using NI AWR Software
Infineon Supports LTE-A LNA Customers With Band-Specific Application Notes
MACOM Designs Ka-Band MMIC Power Amplifier With NI AWR Design Environment
FURUNO Electric Reduces Design Time 40 Percent Using NI AWR Software and LabVIEW
Marki Microwave Combines Microwave Office with Microlithic Manufacturing
Nanjing Ericsson Panda Communications Reduces LTCC Footprint by 80 Percent
Rohde & Schwarz’s Novel Broadband Amplifier Product Line Leverages Microwave Office Software
TriQuint Solves Entire Non-Uniform Distributed Power Amplifier Structure Using AXIEM