Customer stories

UPCT Students Design a Ku-Band Multiplexer
Senior Design Course Inspires an Industry Workshop
North Carolina State University Prepares Students for Industry Challenges Through Hands-On Design Course
Budapest University of Technology Students Design Novel Mixer Using NI AWR Software
Heriot-Watt Students Designs Novel RF Filters
JCU Professor Successfully Identifies Filters That Lower BER of Wideband Mobile Communications
AGH University Researchers Model a Low-Cost Microwave Vector System With NI AWR Software
University of Hyogo Graduate Students Design a Unique Broadband Branch-Line Coupler Using NI AWR Software
UC Davis Students Design Sophisticated Radar System Using NI AWR Software
GNU Uses NI AWR Software to Analyze Signal Interference in Passive UHF FRID Systems
Quasonix Uses NI AWR Software and Modelithics to Achieve First-Pass Success With a Transmitter‘s Harmonic Filter Design
Tyndall National Institute Designs Wearable IoT Antennas With NI AWR Software
Slipstream Design Successfully Develops a Doherty Amplifier Using NI AWR Software
Workshop Featuring NI AWR Software Inspires Cal Poly Pomona Student’s Senior Project
KNU Students Design AM-FM Radar With Active Reflector Using NI AWR Software
Marki Microwave Designs Industry’s Highest Performing MMIC T3 Mixer With NI AWR Software
Oregon Tech Students Readily Learn RF/Wireless Design Using NI AWR Software
University of Bristol Students Win 2016 IMS PA Student Design Competition Using NI AWR Software