Customer stories

RF Microtech Develops Complex UWB Filter in Record Time
Striiv Wearables Integrate High-Efficiency Antennas
DST Group Australia Develops a 25-45 GHz SiGe Receiver Using Analog Office
Mitsubishi Electric Addresses EMC of DIATONE Automotive System Using NI AWR Software
Helsinki Metropolia University Students Learn Microwave Amplifier Design Using NI AWR Software
University of Virginia Teaches PCB Design With NI AWR Design Environment
Ural Federal University Students Realize RF Miniaturized Branch-Line Coupler
NUPT Students Design Novel Broadband Substrate Interconnection Structure
Technion Students Design Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Simulator Using NI AWR Software
University of Bristol Professor Builds Electronic Design Teaching Method and Videos developed a lumped-element model using Microwave Office software to show the parasitics that matter in a switch design.
SW Filter Design Optimization Expertise Integrates into NI AWR Software for Faster, More Accurate Filter Designs
University of Messina Uses NI AWR Design Environment to Model Microwave Amplifiers
JCU Professor Embraces NI AWR Software for RF Coursework, Leading to eBook on Electronic Design
Micran Relies on NI AWR Software for the Design of a Complex Space-Qualified X-Band MMIC
DUT Adopts NI AWR Software to Advance Academic Course Level and Improve Pass Rate
Astra Microwave Speeds Up MMIC Component Design With NI AWR Software
University of Peradeniya Students Win Award for Unique Coupler Design Using NI AWR Software