Customer stories

University of Peradeniya Students Win Award for Unique Coupler Design Using AWR Software
AWR Software Enables NUST Students to Design Miniaturized Bandpass Filter
ELDIS Pardubice Develops Omnidirectional Phased Array Antenna Using AWR Software
OneTree Microdevices Designs Ultra-Linear Amplifiers Quickly and Easily Using AWR Software
Phil Jobson Consulting Designs Family of UHF Cavity-Based Helical Resonator Bandpass Filters
UPM Empowers Students to Master RF Circuit Design Concepts Using AWR Software
METU Designs 35 GHz Phase Shifter Using AWR Design Environment
Thales Alenia Space Dramatically Cuts Design to Production Times with AWR Software
UQAR Students Use AWR Software for High-Efficiency PA Design for Small-Cell Base Station
UCD Achieves Highly Efficient Wideband Sequential Power Amplifier Using AWR Software
CEI Uses AWR Software and Program a Reconfigurable RF System
LNAFIN Designs MMIC LNA Module for 40 GHz Application Using AWR Design Environment
TriQuint Develops Broadband High-efficiency GaN MMIC Power Amplifier Using AWR Software
TriQuint Uses AWR Software for Difficult GaN Discrete Power Amplifier Design
Our Collaboration With AWR Will Provide Advanced RF Models and PDKs
VSS Enabled Us to Study the Effects of the Non-linear Distortion
AWR Products Are Specifically Architected and Optimized to Extend the Range of Possible Analog and RF Design Solutions
We Have Been Using Microwave Office for Many Years at Roke Manor Research