Customer stories

Aalto University Students Design a 1.5 GHz Doppler Radar Using AWR Software
Aava Mobile Uses Microwave Office in the Design of World's First Open Mobile Device Platform
Acreo Uses VSS to Successfully Optimize System Performance of Complex UWB Transceiver
activCirk Achieves First Pass MMIC Success with AWR Software
Aerial Facilities Uses Microwave Office to Achieve First-Time-Right Amplifier Designs
AGH University Researchers Model a Low-Cost Microwave Vector System With AWR Software
Alcatel Uses Microwave Office to Increase the Productivity of Hardware Design
Alcatel-Lucent Reduces Design Time by Eliminating File Translation Issues Between PCB and High-Frequency Design
ALCIOM Cuts Design Time in Half for Complex Wideband RF Downconverter Subsystem
Amplifier Technology Uses Microwave Office to Design High Performance Amplifiers While Cutting 50% Off Their Design Time
Amplifier Technology Uses Microwave Office and Designs Diplexer
Amplifier Technology Cuts Design Time in Half for High Power Amplifiers
The AWR Software is Available For Use by Students Studying at Anglia Ruskin University
Anritsu Meets Demanding Performance Requirements of Communications Test Equipment Market
Anritsu Designs Extended G-Band Planar Frequency Tripler for Broadband Instrumentation
Astra Microwave Speeds Up MMIC Component Design With AWR Software
The AWR Open System Platform Enhances Engineering Productivity and Reduces Development Costs