Customer stories

Auriga Accurately Simulates Nonlinear Performance of Complex MMICs and Modules for Radar and Communications Applications
Analog Office and PDK Support BAE System’s Revolutionary Mixed-signal Photonics Chip Design
Budapest University of Technology Students Design Novel Mixer Using AWR Software
Workshop Featuring AWR Software Inspires Cal Poly Pomona Student’s Senior Project
Microwave Office Enables CAP Wireless to Meet FCC Specs on Time
CEI Uses AWR Software and Program a Reconfigurable RF System
CommScope Designer Develops Inverted-F Antenna
Cover Sistemi Uses AWR Software to Design a UWB Receiver
Cree Speeds Development of High-Performance GaN Doherty Amplifiers by 70%
Creowave Trusts Microwave Office and Designs Precise Filters Right the First Time
Students and Researchers at CTU Achieve mm-Wave Circuit Design Success with AWR
Defence Science Technology Group Australia and Partner Macquarie University Design a 94 GHz Hairpin Filter
DST Group Australia Develops a 25-45 GHz SiGe Receiver Using Analog Office
DUT Adopts AWR Software to Advance Academic Course Level and Improve Pass Rate
I Found the Load Pull Wizard in Microwave Office Particularly Helpful in Achieving the Amplifier’s Stringent Performance Goals
ELDIS Pardubice Develops Omnidirectional Phased Array Antenna Using AWR Software
APLAC – Powerful RF Simulation in PC Environments
AWR Software Is the “Backbone” in Designing indie