Customer stories

Esju and Nokia Networks Use NI AWR Software for Designing Switching-mode Power Amplifiers
The Analog Office Provides our Engineers With the Accurate RF Modeling and Analysis
Fractus Antennas Technology Innovates a New Class of Miniature Chip Antenna Components
FURUNO Electric Reduces Design Time 40 Percent Using NI AWR Software and LabVIEW
VSS Enabled Us to Study the Effects of the Non-linear Distortion
GreenPeak Reduces Design Time For ZigBee SoC RF Communication Controller
GNU Uses NI AWR Software to Analyze Signal Interference in Passive UHF FRID Systems
Heriot-Watt Students Designs Novel RF Filters
National Institute for Astro Physics Designs Innovative Phased Arrays for Radio Astronomy Applications
Infineon Supports LTE-A LNA Customers With Band-Specific Application Notes
Istanbul Technical University Student Wins National Design Competition Using AWR Software
AWR Products Are Specifically Architected and Optimized to Extend the Range of Possible Analog and RF Design Solutions
J&R Microwave Solutions Successfully Designs Complex Active Power Splitter MMIC
JCU Professor Embraces NI AWR Software for RF Coursework, Leading to eBook on Electronic Design
JCU Professor Successfully Identifies Filters That Lower BER of Wideband Mobile Communications
Unique AWR Technology Enables International Accelerator Development
KNU Students Design AM-FM Radar With Active Reflector Using NI AWR Software
LaSalle Students Design Matching Networks for Virtual Antenna Technology