Customer stories

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Legrand Endorses AXIEM After Successful Evaluation
Lexiwave Designers Develop Efficient 24-GHz Radar Antenna Array
AWR EDA Software Platform Enables Fast RF/MW Development Cycles at Linwave Technology
LNAFIN Designs MMIC LNA Module for 40 GHz Application Using AWR Design Environment
Fast RF Cordless Technology Developed with the Help of APLAC
MACOM Designs Ka-Band MMIC Power Amplifier With AWR Design Environment
Microwave Office Gives Students at Macquarie University “Real World” Design Experience
Michael Boers Wins IEEE MTT-S Power Amplifier Competition With Microwave Office
Marki Microwave Designs Industry’s Highest Performing MMIC T3 Mixer With AWR Software
Marki Microwave Combines Microwave Office with Microlithic Manufacturing
Marki Microwave Combines Microwave Office with Revolutionary Manufacturing Process for Successful Custom Mixer Designs
MaXentric Designs and Optimizes Envelope Tracking PA's for 5G LTE Using AWR Software
Industry Insights Video Series: Mercury Systems
Meridian Medical Systems Applies Microwave Office To Improve the Treatment of a Critical Heart Condition
Matching Network for GaN HEMT Power Amplifier
Helsinki Metropolia University Students Learn Microwave Amplifier Design Using AWR Software