Customer stories

UCD Achieves Highly Efficient Wideband Sequential Power Amplifier Using NI AWR Software
I Use Microwave Office and Feel the Most Positive Feature is the Unity of the Design Flowdown
University of Alberta Graduate Student Uses NI AWR Software to Design Graphene FETs
NI AWR Software Helps Students to Understand Real-World Microwave Design Concepts Intuitively
PhD Student Designs Antenna Array for Locating GPS Interference
Microwave Office Software Proves Enlightening for Bristol University Students
University of Bristol Students Win 2016 IMS PA Student Design Competition Using NI AWR Software
University of Bristol Professor Builds Electronic Design Teaching Method and Videos
UC Davis Students Design Sophisticated Radar System Using NI AWR Software
University of Colorado Students Learn Microwave Office Software With Ease
University of Hyogo Graduate Students Design a Unique Broadband Branch-Line Coupler Using NI AWR Software
University of L’Aquila Researcher Develops an Active Filter Design Methodology
UPM Empowers Students to Master RF Circuit Design Concepts Using NI AWR Software
University of Messina Uses NI AWR Design Environment to Model Microwave Amplifiers
University of Peradeniya Students Win Award for Unique Coupler Design Using NI AWR Software
University of Virginia Teaches PCB Design With NI AWR Design Environment
Ural Federal University Students Realize RF Miniaturized Branch-Line Coupler
The NI AWR Software Eliminates Repetitive Tasks and Significantly Speeds Up the Design Process