Advanced Analyst Concepts and Features

Richardson, TX
Nov 12, 2019 to Nov 13, 2019

Nov 12-13
9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Regus Center
Richardson, TX

Course Fee
Free (advance registration required)



This two-day course focuses on concepts and features in the Analyst 3D finite-element method (FEM) simulator within NI AWR Design Environment software. 

Day 1: Setting up and Running Analyst in the 3D and Planar Environments

Analyst software can be run in either the 3D editor environment or in the planar layout environment. Project creation, control, and simulation settings in both environments are discussed.  

Topics covered include:

  • Creating and controlling layout in the 3D and planar layout editors
  • Interaction between the 3D editor and Microwave Office software
  • Basic port settings and tradeoffs
  • Understanding boundary conditions
  • Creation and control of 3D layout cells

Day 2: Meshing, Simulation, and Multi-Technology Issues

The issue of meshing in the Analyst simulator is critical. The control of the mesh is explained, and simulation settings are covered, including accuracy and convergence, frequency sweeping, passivity, and energy conservation tests. Multi-technology is examined, where two or more different physical technologies such as a board and a chip or a chip and a module are employed. This requires multiple libraries or process design kits (PDKs) using a hierarchical layout approach in Microwave Office software.

Topics covered include:

  • Controlling the mesh: basic meshing and advanced mesh settings
  • Simulation: convergence criteria and best settings
  • Checking the answer: passivity and energy conservation
  • Multi-technology issues: multiple PDKs, layout cells, hierarchy of layout

Course Equipment/Hardware

  • Bringing your own laptop is preferred. If necessary, a laptop can be provided.
  • Special note: 64-bit PCs are required to run the software.
  • Software, licenses, and required training materials will be provided.