IEEE IMS MTT-S 2020 Virtual Event

Aug 4, 2020 to Aug 6, 2020

Aug 4-6

Coming Soon

Meet with Cadence® AWR Design Environment® experts at the IMS MTT-S virtual event to learn about:

  • Integrating multiple ICs onto an advanced RF module with the Cadence Virtuoso® RF Solution, which tightly integrates all the necessary design tools into a single RF design environment and flow across IC, package, and board
  • The latest V15 version of Cadence AWR® software with new features for amplifier design and EM verification of RF PCBs
  • AWR software solutions for MMIC, module, and PCB design
  • AWR software solutions for 5G and automotive radar systems requiring a system-level approach to RF link and phased-array antenna system development
  • The fastest EM simulator for IC design based on the fast multipole method (FMM), more than 10X faster than other commercial EM tools

Industry Workshops/MicroApps Theater (on-demand):

Tuesday, August 4, 8:00 a.m. PT

  • Workshop: Best Practices for Efficient EM Simulation - presented by Dr. John Dunn
  • Workshop: Understanding 5G System-Level Evaluation - presented by Gent Paparisto and Takao Inoue
  • Workshop: Design Tutorial for a High-Efficiency GaN Doherty Power Amplifier - presented by David Vye
  • MicroApp: AXIEM EM Simulation for Complex ICs and PCBs - by Dr. John Dunn
  • MicroApp: Utilizing Network Synthesis to Streamline Power Amplifier Design Flow - presented by Chris Bean

Wednesday, August 5, 8:00 a.m. PT

  • MicroApp: Automating Simulation of S-Parameters in Spectre RF® -  presented by Tawna Wilsey
  • MicroApp: Power Amplifier Measurements Using Spectre RF Option and Virtuoso ADE Explorer and Assembler - presented by Sruba Seshadri