Webinar: RF/microwave Design of Power Amplifier

Dec 17, 2020

Dec 17
13:00 JST
(Japan Standard Time)

Naoki Hagiwara

Free (advance registration required) 
Registration will be closed on Dec 15 JST


Power amplifier design requires a variety of design techniques, from device evaluation to consideration of the number of stages and matching circuit configuration, circuit design and optimization, layout EM analysis verification, and stability evaluation. Many design performance criteria must be met simultaneously, and in recent years wider bandwidth, lower power consumption, and smaller product sizes have been required, making it more difficult to meet the necessary specifications. Cadence® AWR Design Environment® specialized RF/microwave design software balances ease of use and high functionality, enabling engineers to meet these design challenges. This webinar highlights key AWR® software product features used in the design of power amplifiers.

Presenter Bio
Naoki Hagiwara is technical leader for AWR products for Cadence Japan. He previously worked as a regional technical manager for AWR Japan. He holds BSEE and MS degrees from the University of Electro-Communications.