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3D Glass Solutions Announces Availability of PDK for Millimeter-Wave Device Design Using NI AWR Software

Oct 28, 2019

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. – An innovative new 3D Glass Solutions, Inc. (3DGS) glass-based millimeter-wave (mmWave) device process design kit (PDK) for use with NI AWR software, previewed at the International Microwave Symposium 2019 (IMS 2019), has been released and is now available directly from 3DGS.

The PDK enables designers to develop critical passive components such as filters and amplifier impedance-matching circuits for 5G Frequency Range 2 (FR2) communications, automotive radar, and other mmWave applications. It contains electrical models and parameterized layout cells (PCells) that work with the NI AWR Design Environment platform, inclusive of Microwave Office circuit design software and the Analyst™ finite-element method (FEM) electromagnetic (EM) simulator, allowing designers to combine the ease of schematic capture design entry with the accuracy of FEM analysis.

“The parameterized extraction flow in the 3DGS PDK provides unprecedented EM accuracy within the Microwave Office circuit design tool for seamless product development of high-quality passive components and system-in-package (SiP) devices built using the 3DGS foundry process,” said Sherry Hess, VP of Marketing for AWR Group, NI. “The 3DGS patented, low-loss, photosensitive APEX® glass technology is useful for our customers in a wide variety of applications in RF electronics, automotive radar, medical, aerospace, defense, wireless infrastructure, mobile handset, and internet of things (IoT) industries.”

“The new PDK enables our customers to co-design a variety of compact, high-performance mmWave passive devices such as bandpass filters, matching networks, splitters and combiners, as well as other necessary RF front-end building blocks,” said Jeb Flemming, 3DGS chief technology officer. “Our partnership with NI delivers accelerated product design capability, allowing customers’ unique product specifications to be achieved within a proven software environment that incorporates 3DGS high-yield, low-cost design rules for maximized performance of microwave monolithic integrate circuit (MMIC) devices.”

Customers can develop their mmWave design using distributed simulation models (suspended- stripline transmission-line components) based on the 3DGS fabrication process (material stackup) and the PDK parameterized package enclosure and interconnect transmission line structures. Designs such as filters, matching circuits, couplers and others can be placed within the parameterized enclosure and stripline-to-microstrip transition using schematic symbols in a Microwave Office subcircuit and simulated with Analyst 3D EM analysis.

The new 3DGS mmWave PDK for NI AWR Design Environment software is available immediately from 3DGS. A bandpass filter reference design is also being made available to mutual customers and is included with the PDK. This PDK complements the existing 3DGS integrated passive device (IPD) PDK, which utilizes parameterized PCell inductors and capacitors to develop lumped element filters, matching networks and related sub-systems.