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Arralis Designs K-Band Satcom MMIC PA Using NI AWR Software

Nov 4, 2019


Designers at Irish company Arralis have developed the plug-and-play Leonis chipset, featuring a 10-W saturated output power high-power amplifier (HPA), to address the growing demand for K/Ka-band satellite equipment. K/Ka-band satellite communications (satcom) systems, enabled through HPAs, support smaller antennas and ground terminals, as well as dramatically lowered costs. The Arralis HPA was designed using NI AWR software, and significant EM analysis and design optimization was carried out using the AXIEM electromagnetic (EM) simulator for 3D planar structures and Analyst™ EM simulator for 3D EM analysis of the package. Providing packaged IC components to satcom manufacturers ensures faster, lower cost RF front-end design and manufacturing than is possible with bare die integration.

“Microwave Office circuit design software combined with the powerful AXIEM and Analyst EM simulators enabled us to work with the active and passive MMIC component models developed by the foundry to design and optimize our HPA,” said Thomas Young, design engineer at Arralis.

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