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eBook on X-Band Push-Push Oscillator Simulation Features NI AWR Software

Dec 17, 2019


A second eBook by industry veteran Kenneth Puglia featuring NI AWR software has been added to the resource library. X-Band Push-Push Oscillator Simulation and Measurement explores the push-push oscillator configuration via harmonic balance (HB) simulation and test measurement. Basic oscillator theory of generated negative resistance via feedback is presented and the common-collector, single-stage oscillator is used as a basic building block to extend the device for push-push oscillator circuit topology.

The X-Band Push-Push Oscillator Simulation and Measurement eBook is available for download with registration at

The first eBook in the series, Microstrip Antenna Design, examines the single-element rectangular microstrip antenna, as well as antenna array constructed from single microstrip elements, and is also available in the resource library at