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Learn How to Build Your Own FMCW Radar at Home Using AWR Software

Sep 9, 2020


When: Tuesday, September 29
Time: 9:00 a.m. PT
Who: Dr. David S. Ricketts, North Carolina State University (NCSU)

Sponsored by Cadence®, this IEEE MTT-S webinar, presented by Dr. David S. Ricketts of NCSU, demonstrates how to design, simulate and build a 2.4GHz frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar at home or in the lab. Cadence AWR Design Environment® software will be used to design the system, including mixer, power amplifier, coupler, low noise amplifier and filter components, as well as the transmission line structures. The system will then be electromagnetically (EM) simulated. Finally, fabrication and testing will be described using the methods developed by Dr. Ricketts’ for his well-known Bits2Waves workshop.

Presenter Biography
Dr. David S. Ricketts received his PhD in engineering and applied sciences from Harvard University and his BS and MS degrees in electrical engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Prior to joining academia, he spent eight years in industry developing more than 40 integrated circuits in mixed-signal, RF, and power management applications.

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