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New AWR Software V15 Playlist Now Available for Viewing on AWR.TV YouTube Channel

Oct 22, 2020


A new AWR.TV video playlist features seven videos that enable users to take a deep dive into the key features in the V15 release of Cadence® AWR Design Environment® software. The V15 videos highlight:

  • New and improved antenna measurements for peak power, including direction, total power, and amount of power radiated in peak direction. Driving circuitry in calculations can also be included.
  • New electromagnetic (EM) features in the AWR® AXIEM® and Analyst™ simulators. AXIEM software offers improved meshing with fewer high-aspect ratio facets (HARFs), a true DC solver for biasing that is 40X faster and sub nanometer meshing for metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitors. Analyst software provides lumped resistor, inductor, capacitor (RLC) elements, a distributed solver for Linux distributed computer clusters and improved accuracy for lossy wave ports.
  • New user environment (UE) features such as graphic enhancements, including markers, legends, axes, disabling measurements and setting up optimization, simplified layout features, including two-click select, polygon sizing by keyboard entry, and multiple units for process design kits (PDKs), and improved 3D rendering.
  • The new transmission line calculator TX-LINE integrated in the V15 release.
  • New capabilities of the network synthesis wizard, which enables users to create two-port impedance matching and transformation circuits and offers evolutionary optimization using vendor component libraries and foundry-authorized PDKs.
  • New system design capabilities in the V15 release of AWR® Visual System Simulator™ (VSS) software, including amplifier model support for different data file formats and interpolation/extrapolation of data sets between independent variable values, as well as new digital predistortion algorithms, a new analog-to-digital converter with digital and quantized outputs, new 5G New Radio (NR) library and testbenches and RF improvements such as a filter bank model, diplexer model, image rejection mixer and component damage measurement.
  • Enhanced load-pull capabilities, including an expanded harmonic balance tuner and updated script for performing load-pull analysis.

The AWR.TV V15 playlist is available on demand on the AWR YouTube channel at