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New E-Learning Video Series Addresses Phase Noise Modeling in Visual System Simulator

Mar 24, 2020


A new AWR Design Environment e-learning video series explains how to use the Visual System Simulator™ (VSS) time-domain engine to model phase noise in communications and radar system design. The three-part series covers:

  • Part 1: Setting up the system schematic to perform phase noise accurately to a very small offset from the carrier frequency
  • Part 2: Implementing phase noise simulation using a phase noise mask placed directly on the in-phase and quadrature signals from a 64-quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) source driving a receiver to measure the error vector magnitude (EVM)
  • Part 3: Distinguishing the difference between correlated and uncorrelated noise in VSS calculations

To view the videos, begin by visiting the AWR software e-learning portal at