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New NI AWR Software Application Notes Highlight Innovative Capabilities

Apr 9, 2019


Two new application notes highlighting innovative features in the NI AWR Design Environment platform are now available in the NI AWR software resource library. “Cadence Virtuoso RF for RFIC and SiP Design With AXIEM EM Technology” describes an integrated solution in which the AXIEM electromagnetic (EM) simulator and Cadence Design Systems Virtuoso software provide designers with an integrated circuit (IC) and system-in-package (SiP)/module design flow that eliminates design failures by using a single golden schematic for simulation, layout versus schematic (LVS) and EM analysis and verification, without the need for unique schematics for EM and LVS.

“LTCC T/R X-Band Module With a Phased-Array Antenna” presents the steps needed to design a transmit/receive (T/R) module with a 2x2 phased-array antenna operating in the 8-12 GHz frequency range. Several innovative capabilities within NI AWR software are highlighted, including multi-technology and circuit/system co-simulation, as well as phased-array modeling.

Both application notes are available for viewing/download within the NI AWR software resource library at