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New White Paper Presents Design of a T/R Module for Radar Applications Using NI AWR Software

Oct 31, 2019


The transmit/receive (T/R) module in an active phased-array radar (APAR) is 40-60% of the overall RF front-end cost, making it imperative to use an architecture that meets all requirements with the most cost-effective technology and a minimal bill of materials (BOM). This new white paper overviews various solid-state semiconductor technologies for T/R module development and describes a design methodology using NI AWR software. Several design challenges are addressed, including the impact of architecture selection, determination of performance parameters, and methods for modeling the individual module components at the behavioral level for reliable system simulation. Three T/R module architectures are analyzed to highlight the tradeoffs that must be made between different performance parameters.

The “Design and Modeling of a Solid-State Transmit/Receive Module for Radar Applications” white paper can be viewed at